Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it really possible?

So I know it's not the best way to start out this blog but it just happened and I cant even believe it. Apparently my cats are gay and after telling my mom plenty of times that they were she finally found them, doing what they do :) luckily it was on my mothers bed instead of mine but still the whole thing is just disturbing...is that really normal? i hope not. don't get me wrong i have nothing against homosexuality but my CAT? never crossed my mind.
....i guess everything is possible.

other than that I want to mention that for my new years resolution instead of hoping to lose weight and eatting better I decided to make a resolution thats fun and I can actually do. For christmas I received the Sephora Brand Palette ($400 value) for $40 and it has many eyeshadow colors, and since I'm the type of person who sticks to the normal natural colors found in bonnebell four color palette (yes the one made for little kids) it was time to make a change. With the help of my best friend Alex and the little how-to guide I will use a different color each day until i use up all of the colors.

this im actually excited about!!
hopefully i can stick with it and can throw my natural colors out the door!



  1. Loving the palette,
    I hope you have fun trying it out

    Kiwi ..x