Wednesday, January 6, 2010


helloo who ever is reading this, im thinking none but hey who knows. So towards my first and last post i have successfully used 4 different colors in my sephora palette. Its getting a little hard doing a different color everyday because once i like a color, i do not like changing. Plus using such bright colors i need to color cordinate my outfit which takes up much more time than I want.

so what am i doing now? its 3 days until i go back to school back to dorm life with a little bit of drama, a new roommate ive never met, and back to the school work. i go to wayne state university by the way to those who do not know (im talking to the imaginary viewers of this blog) anywho its time to clean and pack which i have been slacking on for days hoping waiting would make time go slower...instead my room is cluttered like no other and i have to clean and pack all of this....

haha i have so much more to go!! and if you cant tell that little orange object near my laptop, thats my kitty cinny short for cinnamon, hes my baby <3

anyways i should get back to laundry and cleaning before it gets to late. plus my boyfriend is coming tomorrow to meet the parents so my room needs to be much better than this.
wish me luck.


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  1. haha i had to laugh at your post "hello whoever is reading, i'm thinking no one" I have thought the same thing before with my blog.. This is a cute blog! how is Frankie doing?